The essential generic EMV terminal simulator and independent EMV benchmark...

daySMART BENCHMARK enables you to perform EMV transactions with any simulated terminal and card issuer, while interpreting and displaying all EMV smart card and terminal commands/responses with cross-references to up-to-date EMV specifications.
  • Supports EMV Level 2 smart card and terminal development, and makes it easier and quicker to perform an extensive range of in-house testing. Avoids possible re-certification costs and delays!
  • Ideal for EMV training.
  • Includes all daySMART INSPECTOR functionality, plus:
  • Viewing of all functional level data and interaction between cards and an independent EMV terminal benchmark, supporting development and/or testing of both EMV smart card and EMV terminals
  • Wizards to create and simulate any EMV terminal on your PC such as POS, ATM and Vending Machines. Default terminal profiles can quickly be modified to reflect the exact specifications of the target terminal, including CA Public keys and supported application list.
  • Full online issuer simulation, that supports all published issuer authentication methods (EMV'2000, MChip, VSDC) and issuer script generation. All cryptograms generated by the card are validated as part of the issuer authentication process.
  • All offline authentication methods supported (SDA, DDA and CDA).
  • Specifically designed for ease of use as well as having a powerful capability in expert problem solving or data analysis situations. Includes easy-to-understand displays for routine operation, backed up by comprehensive EMV data element analysis.

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Provided with our optional EMV training, daySMART SOLUTIONS enable you to move your EMV project forward, making it quick and easy to deliver highly reliable EMV products and services.

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