The essential EMV smart card qualification tool...

daySMART INSPECTOR is an easy to use PC–based tool for inspecting and automatically validating EMV card personalisation data, helping eliminate costs and other impacts of issuing wrongly personalised cards. It is also invaluable for post-rollout support.
  • Inspection and validation of EMV card profiles with automatic cross-references and checking against up to date EMV specifications.
  • Automatically validates all card data and certificates for correct format and value.
  • Create and customise master "golden" card templates in seconds for use during factory production testing.
  • Supports all VSDC and MChip proprietary tags and data requirements. Validation can be performed to EMV requirements, or the more stringent proprietary requirements of VSDC and MChip.
  • Identifies any personalisation problems and checks the integrity of any interdependent data, with on–screen explanations.
  • All data is displayed in terms of its individual primitive tags, DOL fields or bit positions, making it extremely easy to view a card's profile.
  • Fully customisable XML-based reports: generate your own report formats, easily input the XML test results to your database, or simply use one of the included comprehensive HTML reports.
  • Easy to use with no setup or knowledge of complicated script languages required. Suitable even for people unfamiliar with EMV specifications, making it ideal for training and Quality Assurance tasks.
  • Available with a motorised magcard/smartcard reader option for validation of smartcard and magnetic track data correlation.

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Provided with our optional EMV training, daySMART SOLUTIONS enable you to move your EMV project forward, making it quick and easy to deliver highly reliable EMV products and services.

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